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Your Challenges


Build your company’s reputation
and highlight its positioning

Initial Public Offering

Maximise the visibility of your IPO
to ensure it is a success

Stock market operations

Set out and detail your project in order to better
convince the stock market ecosystem

Fund raising

Construct your activity’s readability
and establish its credibility


Deploy your visibility amongst your targeted audiences


Incorporate all of your environment’s stakeholders
within your communication strategies

Stock market listing and marketing

Perpetuate market confidence and regularly emphasise your strategic fundamentals

Winning back the stock market

Audit the perception of your stock market
listing to restore confidence

Institutional relations

Facilitate the understanding of your challenges
to establish your share-of-voice


Anticipate sensitivities to better
meet stakeholders’ expectations

About NewCap

As a specialist in investor relations and strategic communication advice, NewCap advises and supports its clients regarding their sectoral, scientific, institutional and financial communication strategies.


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